Lincoln County Farmers Coop

Feed It, Grow It, We can do It.


No one knows Lincoln County farmers better than we do! Trust our locally owned and operated coop for the supplies that will be the foundation for your farm's growth!

Farmers' choice since 1932!

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Don't go into your next planting or harvesting season without making a stop at Lincoln County Farmers Coop! Stock up on fuel, gear, and the best quality farm and garden supplies!

Ready for the next season?

The county's finest animals are raised on our market-best supplies for cattle, pets, wildlife, and horses. We carry a complete line of Purina products too!

Coop to raise strong animals!

A stronger farming community tomorrow means developing stronger farmers today — we remain Lincoln County's strongest sponsor for local 4H and FFA youth programs!

Proud sponsor of 4H and FFA!

Support tomorrow's farmers! Check out our stock! Start preparing now! Purina Logo(use on home page, pet page, livestock page, horse page. Use this asset on my Homepage)